• Method

    results in the reduction or elimination of chronic and acute pain and a greater range of motion. It is effective in the treatment of spine and joint degeneration as well as arthritis in its numerous forms.

  • This Therapy

    is “use of hands-only” and has no equivalent in western treatments. Diagnosis is made solely through probing with the fingers. This is made possible through many years of experience, specialized training and extreme sensitivity of the fingers. After an assessment, the hands work, patiently, massaging and manipulating to heal the afflicted area. Chronic conditions may require infrequent “maintenance” treatments.

  • Training

    in this therapy was developed through a degree from the University of Physical Education in the Ukraine that included physical therapy and massage with further training in acupressure and folk healers’ manual techniques. All this is enhanced by over 30 years of experience.

  • Qualifications

    Vladimir Milchin is a licensed Alberta massage therapist. Insurance coverage is available.

  • Donna Wagner

    After the first few treatments (starting at two times per week), I could cross my legs and tie my shoes without pain. It just got better and better over the months. My back feels stronger than it has for years. I feel pretty normal now. If I do something heavier than usual and strain my back, it recovers much more quickly than in the past. My recovery time seems to be the same amount as other people. I’ve been going to Vladimir monthly since March 1999 and have improved 100%. I have a few problems now with my back. for which I am very grateful.

  • Brenda Davis

    Since Vladimir has done weekly massage and manipulation. I can move fairly freely. I can lift and move my arms well, and have started walking four kilometres five times a week at his strong encouragement. It was very difficult at first, but has become enjoyable. | find that if I miss appointments due to vacation or some other event, I can tell because I begin to stiffen up after a week. He will give special attention, if needed, to any area that has become a problem because of some activity such as trying to play the piano or clean house, and often that set of muscles will improve immediately.

  • Irina Ginzburg

    About eight years ago, I started to experience severe pain in my finger joints. They became very red, swollen and painful to the touch, The pain was getting worse and worse and the swelling had become quite noticeable. At that point, Mr. Milchin offered me the treatment. I came to see him a few times a week and within a few weeks, my condition improved. He was able to successfully treat me and for the past few years, my problem has never returned. Being a piano performer and teacher I feel that he was able to return me to my profession. I am extremely grateful to him and consider him one of the best in his field of work.

  • The Phimesters, ages 70+

    At that time (1997) my husband was having severe lower back pain. After assessment and treatment, twice a week for 6 - 8 weeks, Mr. Milchin was able to relieve the pain. There has been no recurrence of this pain since. Myself. after having gone to physio for 3 months for chronic knee pain without a lot of relief, | went to have my knees assessed by Mr. Milchin with the following treatment of the same. I now have more mobility and can manage stairs with less discomfort. I have also had assessment & treatment on my shoulder, neck and lower back with relief.

  • Lynne Pettit, Registered Nurse

    The results of my treatment and Vladimir's professionalism have led me to refer many people to him, including my daughter who suffered from migraine headaches from age nine. I now consider Vladimir a friend as well as a massage therapist and would like to thank him for all the help he has given my daughter and me. I will continue to refer clients to him.

  • Gord Allen

    From that point on, I only see Vladimir for my back injuries. When I have a minor injury and only feel slightly out of alignment, like today. I can usually see Vladimir for a single session and feel completely pain free within a couple of days. 1 would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing occasional back pain.

  • John Nielsen

    Vladimir identified the causes of my discomfort immediately as nerve sheath inflammation and pinched nerves in my neck. Within a month my left arm was able to function somewhat and in six months was well on the way to full recovery. My situation requires ongoing maintenance as I am rather active but the reason I am able to be active is Vladimir's abilities.

  • Vladimir Milchin
    Clinic of Distinctive Therapies
    #406, 638 11 Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E2